About Liver Transplant and precautions to be taken after surgery

About Liver Transplant and precautions to be taken after surgery


There are different types of life threatening diseases that people of all ages tend to contract with, of which one dangerous one is ailments developing in the liver. Some liver related ailments may require the patient to undergo liver transplantation considered to be an amazing treatment offering quick respite and the opportunity to lead a long life. Several advancements have been made by medical science with regards to anaesthesia, liver transplant surgical procedure and preoperative care allowing patients to enjoy better life. furthermore, with the Liver Transplant cost in India being quite low and affordable when compared to western countries and offer greater reliability of the procedure outcome, patients from all parts of the world do come down to this country to consul the  best, well qualified and talented specialists here to undergo the procedure. 

Precautions to be taken after having successful liver transplantation surgical procedure

As a matter of fact, liver transplant is said to have become a common and revolutionary form of treatment offered to those who suffer from primary liver cancer, acute liver failure and end-stage liver disease. The damaged liver can now be replaced effectively and smoothly with a healthy liver to treat liver related disease. But at the same time, there will be needed post-surgery care to avoid development of post transplantation infection, disease reoccurrence and graft rejection. 

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After getting discharged from the hospital on successful liver transplantation, the next step will involve incorporation of the given below practices to ensure better outcome in the long run. 

  • Diet & nutrition: On completion of the surgical procedure, the patient is likely to experience voracious appetite. According to the health experts, it is indeed a good sign of quick recovery. The diet should comprise foods rich in protein. Pure, clean and filtered drinking water is to be provided while tap water avoided without proper filtration. Also should be avoided salads and raw food along with fruits and sweets, which only might boost blood sugar. Post transplantation medications that are to be taken during the initial three months might only increase insulin and sugar in blood. Smoking is to be completely avoided along with tobacco and alcohol. 
  • Hygienic surroundings: Healthy recovery of the patient can be quick, smooth and worry-free only if the home and its surroundings are kept clean. After liver transplantation, the patient needs to be kept in a well maintained, clean and clutter-free environment, free from allergens, dust and other unwanted substances. It should also have proper ventilation. Patients are required to wear mask during the initial three months after the surgery, especially when going out to crowded places. Washing of hands is encouraged and separate towel is to be used. Shower to be taken on a daily basis. 
  • Medications: Proper medications should be taken on time and as doctor prescribed to ensure quicker recovery process. Medicines should never be skipped even for once. Families are also required to familiarize themselves with medications prescribed for the patient and ensure that the latter complies with it in a timely manner. In few cases, wound care can be crucial, since healing in some people healing can be a slow process.
  • Regular check-up: Although Liver Transplant Surgery Cost in India is affordable, there are top rated hospitals offering the very best surgical procedure with better and positive outcome, post-surgical care is of utmost importance for quick and proper recovery. The patient needs to visit the doctor as advised from time to time for check-up. The reason is because, post-surgery, there may develop increased risks of the patient contracting coronary artery disease, since the chances of gaining weight is high, presence of diabetes and high blood pressure will only create complications. 
  • Exercise: Health experts do recommend such patients to exercise regularly on having undergone such surgical procedure. But they are suggested not to lift heavy weights beyond 5kgs. They should also avoid performing abdominal exercises like swimming and weight training during the initial three months, until they are permitted by their healthcare professional. Sputum can be coughed out and lungs expanded with deep breathing. Patients should consult transplant physiotherapists who can help optimize exercise schedule. 

To optimize success of this surgical procedure, it is essential to follow the above given precautions.

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