Healthy Ways To Recover After A Big Workout

Recovery is an important part in any exercise session, particularly if you have just done a massive workout session. The biggest mistake you might make, is to not let your body recover after exercise. Your body needs recovery time to repair and build more muscles, hence it is a very important part. Most training coach will include time for recovery sessions. Even if you do not have a coach, you should still have the habit. If you are not big on protein shakes, here are some alternative ideas on how to recover after a big workout.
Drink plenty of water to replace the fluids that you have lost to sweating. For your health, adding electrolytes will help you recover quicker. Sweat is both water and salt, the sooner you replace them, the better your body feels after. You should drink water slowly to allow the body to absorp the nutrients and salt easier. Rehydrate frequently during a workout can help you perform better, especially if you are going hard.
After a big exercise session, peanut butter or banana are good options as recovery food. Both have some sugar to start insulin release, but they also contain minerals and nutrients. Peanut butter also contains some fat, which the body will burn in favor of your own muscles. A tablespoon of peanut butter or a medium sized banana is enough to speed up recovery. Generally, you should eat either food as soon as possible, after your workout. Do not leave it too late or your body will have trouble building muscle.
Your muscles are tight after a workout so going for a massage will loosen it up and relax it in a way your body needs it. Tight muscles induce injury in your next workout session, which will not be beneficial for your health. Most top athletes uses this method as one of their many recovery sessions for a reason: they do work. You have earned a chance to relax after hard work. If you want a specific massage then definitely go for either a deep tissue or a Hong Kong massage.
Active Recovery
After a big workout, active recovery helps the muscles cool down slowly. Gentle stretching while moving around slow encourages the body’s circulation to flow. Active recovery helps you keep the muscles, something like a gentle stroll around the gym or a low pace bike ride is enough.
Sleep and Rest
Our body repairs itself when we sleep, so good quality sleep is equally important after a big workout. The body releases growth hormones to repair broken muscles when we sleep, hence it is important that you get plenty of snooze time when you are training hard. If you have trouble sleeping, then you should move your training earlier in the day, so that your body will allow you some rest later on.
For your health, exercise is important, but too much can cause damage to the body. You should listen to your body, and avoid excessive exercise or heavy training. You will benefit a lot from doing recovery sessions, many athletes have training programs that focus on healthy ways to recover. While it might seem like a waste of time, your body will thank you for it.

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