What are costume contact lenses?

What are costume contact lenses?


Special effect contact lenses – also known as cosmetic or decorative contact lenses widely used for Halloween and other parties – are contact lenses that change the color of your eyes how your eyes appear. These contact lenses can change the look of your eyes in many ways, from changing your eye’s colour, giving a different shape to the iris and also to giving an effect similar to those of cartoon and other fictional characters. Common examples are blackout contacts, white out contacts, black sclera contact lense, cat eyes, and zombie eye contacts. They are usually made without vision correction, but if needed that option is available. You can buy coloured contact lenses from here.

In the United Kingdom, it’s unlawful to sell any contact lenses without a prescription from an eye specialist. Wearing contacts without an inspection by a doctor and without a prescription from a doctor can harm your eyes to the point of blindness. Any contact lens packaging that asserts ‘one size fits all’ or ‘no need to see an eye doctor’ is blatantly wrong.

Colored contacts, sclera contacts and similar costume contact lenses may be advertised like toys. They may seem like a fun thing to add something extra to a costume for parties. But contact lenses are medical devices which should not be worn casually. Safety and precaution must be practiced in order to avoid any damage to your eye health, to ensure safety while wearing contact lenses for Halloween it is crucial to get a prescription from a doctor.

What damage can costume contact lenses cause?

Non-prescription coloured or costume contacts can be particularly dangerous, they can scratch and in worst cases infect your eye if they don’t fit exactly right. Wrong sized lenses are known to causing can cause corneal abrasions, corneal ulcers and have been a proven cause for painful bacterial infections like keratitis which can cause blindness. Costume or coloured contact lenses also might allow less oxygen through to the eye, especially black sclera contact lense, because the paints and dye used to add colour make the lenses less porous which makes them less breathable.

Contact lenses have blinded many people. Treatments for eye problems caused by contacts may require surgery, and still cure is not a given.

If you would like to use coloured contact lenses for a costume or to change the appearance of your eye, you better get a prescription from a professional. Your eye care specialist will examine your eyes and then provide you with a prescription, it is after only that you may purchase coloured contact lenses

Are costume contact lenses safe if you have a prescription?

Being a medical device, colored contact lenses come with their own use and guidelines, like any medicine, it is imperative to stay within the guidelines. Understanding the risk of using such devices is crucially important.

You are not becoming immune to any eye disease just after getting a prescription from a specialist doctor, costume contact lenses can still your eyes. What you purchase is also very important, make sure that you are buying lenses from a retailer who is well respected and who asks for a prescription before selling them to you.

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What is an eye exam for costume contacts like?

During the eye inspection, your eye care expert – such as an ophthalmologist or optometrist – will:

  • Determine the measurement of your eyes in order to find the right fit for the contacts to fit in your eyes
  • Inspects that you may not have any allergies and contacts are okay for you to use. People who have regular eye infections, eye-related allergies, dry eye, repeated exposure to dust or smoke may not be suitable for even regular corrective contacts.
  • Advise you on proper contact lens care. Lenses that are not sanitized and disinfected properly increase the risk of eye infection.
  • Suggests you how long you can wear the costume contacts. For example, you should by no means sleep while wearing any contact lenses that aren’t intended for during the nightwear. The designs crafted on some costume contacts can also make the lenses less breathable and makes it harder for oxygen to get through to the eye.

How many people are injured by costume contact lenses?

There are no conclusive studies on how many injuries costume contact lenses have caused. However, doctors have told us that there have been patients with contact lenses related to eye injuries only because of not following the regulations.

Why are stores and online retailers selling costume contact lenses without a prescription if it’s not safe?

Any retailer selling without a prescription is, by default, breaking the law. In the UK., it has been unlawful to sell contact lenses without a prescription since 2005. By law, all contact lenses are classified as medical devices and limit their distribution only to licensed eye care professionals. Unlawful sale of contact lenses can result in lawful penalties of up to £5,000 and criminal record per violation. If you find any contact lenses being sold by retailers not demanding a prescription, you can report the retailer to higher authorities

Illegally sold costume lenses avoid several crucial safeguards, such as a lens fitting and guidelines about the wear and care that are general or specific to you, your eyes and the contacts you are prescribed.

If you’re purchasing lenses that haven’t been permitted or you’re buying through a dealer who isn’t regulated by the authorities, you are probably on course to damage your own health. The lenses you acquire may not be what you ordered, they may not be clean or correctly packaged and they may not fit in your eye as the measurements are not according to your eyes.. The risks aren’t worth taking, be sure to party but safely

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