What Is More Important Than Money?

Here are some things I have found that are more important than money.

1. Experiences
Hug someone. Kiss someone. Write a letter to someone to tell them how you feel.Run (or walk)a marathon. Spend the whole day preparing a delicious meal and enjoy it by candlelight. Make love to someone. Face what you fear most in the face. The rush you feel after experiencing something extraordinary is one of the best human being, and most of the time, the financial cost is minimal.

2. wisdom
If you think you know the answer, you are far from wise. Keep learning. Wisdom just know how much you really know. Spend time learning something new, maybe even become skilled at something. You will surprise yourself to what you earn, often far beyond the mere knowledge you were hoping for achieve.

3. the marriage
To accept completely and intimately another person in your life is quite lifestyle change. Open each part of you to another person is constantly challenging but still powerful in the way that it changes you and encourages you to be a better person.

4. friendships
The fellowship and camaraderie of people you love and share interests with is continually affirming life. Friendships do not revolve around the things you have or the activities you can afford – they revolve around people and shared experiences.

5. Physical health
Health can not be bought, but the personal choices we make can help. Exercise. Eat better Make less sedentary choices. Get involved in activities that make us move. Practice good hygiene. Money compared to the value of the physical health needed to enjoy life.

6. mental health
The flip side of the physical coin is mental health. Expressing our feelings in a healthy way. Find people to talk to and talk about our problems. Address the problems that bother us. Seek professional help when these The options do not change things for the better. Again, the money is insignificant in relation to the value of mental equilibrium.

7. Personal passions
What activities make you really excited and fulfilled? These things are the spice of life – each of us wins by digging into our passions. the best part? Quite often, looking for and following your passions often means this money will follow in the wake.

8. communication
The ability to express our thoughts and feelings to a receptive audience is really priceless. it allows us to share elements of our inner world with others, which can not be achieved with all the material wealth of this planet.

9. Autonomy
Money comes, money goes. The ability to survive and even prosper without money means that money becomes much less important. The ability to do things reduce the need for money to solve your problems.

10. Security
If we focus our efforts on creating a secure and secure environment, where we are protected from our failures, we create a situation where our fortune are much less related to our ability to put money in our pockets. If we put the effort safe now, we have real security later, a type of security that can not be broken by ordinary material needs.

11. Help others
For most people, helping others provides a lot of personal joy and satisfaction, something that can not be replaced by any kind material article. Helping others often does not require financial resources and can sometimes generate financial resources – free meals and more – more goodwill in the community. Good karma has considerable value.

12. personal growth
Every person has countless opportunities for improvement as a person – their behavior, their beliefs, etc. Working to grow as a person improves and costs you almost nothing, but almost always improves your income potential for the future as well as naturally enhance your outlook on the world and your self-confidence.

13. Recognition
When you leave the desire of things you do not have to be grateful for the things you have, your perspective on the world is changing drastically. Your desire to get the latest news is decreasing while, at the At the same time, your contentment with life increases dramatically.

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