What types of heath conditions are provided treatment by the spine surgeons?

spine surgeons


The spine is considered to be a vital portion of the human body structure. 33 individual bones exist in the spinal region, which are said to be stacked one upon the other. Its primary function is to offer the body with adequate support, thereby allowing people of all ages to carry out different types of physical activities including sitting, bending, standing, etc. Besides this, they also offer the body with balance, stability and strength. But the human body is prone to contracting different kinds of health conditions and diseases that might affect the spinal region. For such issues, treatment can be provided only by the top spine surgeons like Dr B Mohapatra. Such doctors are specialists in the domain, have better understanding of the issues and the locations where it might affect. This way, they provide their patients with the very best treatment possible. 

Conditions for which spine surgeons provide the best treatment

There might arise some injuries in the human body due to accidents, disease or some health conditions. Following are the conditions which are treated by spine surgeons like:

  • Scoliosis: In this type of disorder, the spine’s shape gets somewhat disfigured. Also is noticed tilting on one side of the body. This issue takes place just before puberty stage and with age. Majority of the cases noticed are not painful. However, people suffering from severe scoliosis are likely to feel discomfort and pain. 
  • Sciatica: This common condition is generally felt in the leg and originates in the lower back region, then travels to both or any of the leg. This issue is generally caused due to spur occurring in the bone or the herniated disc that presses the nerve. Usually one particular portion of body gets affected. 
  • Degenerative disk disease: This type of disease is also referred to as osteoarthritis that affects the lower back or the neck region. In this case, intervertebral disc breaks down, thus causing hernia. The common symptoms faced here is extreme pain that is again caused due to spine losing its flexibility and pressure added on nerve root because of bone spur.
  • Spinal stenosis: It is stated as the spinal canal narrowing down. This can be lumbar or cervical spinal stenosis. In this condition, pressure is added on nerves and the spinal cord that are located within the spinal region. It is diagnosed commonly in elderly people, since with age, the spine is prone to natural wear & tear. 

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Following surgeries conducted by reputed spine surgery hospitals

  • Spinal disc replacement: This type of surgery includes eliminating the diseased, damaged or injured spinal discs that has become non-functional and only causing trouble and pain to the patient. But, it is regarded to be the last resort to treat problems like degenerative disc disease that does not respond properly to other forms of non-invasive treatment. In place of the diseased discs, there will be used artificial prosthesis. This is preferred since it is regarded t be a minimal invasive technique carried out with numerous tiny incisions and not a long one. Hence, recovery is also very quick.
  • Lumbar discectomy: This minimal invasive surgical remedy is performed at the best hospitals. This is done for fixing the disc present in the body’s lower back portion. Small incisions are created during the procedure near the affected part instead of large ones. The disc’s outer wall that sits between each vertebra tends to weaken due to injury and with age and dries out. Through the back is inserted a small tube. Also is inserted through these tube small tools for eliminating a particular portion of the disc that is diseased. The patient is free to go home the next day or even the same day. 
  • Spinal fusion: It is a common technique and is regarded similar to a welding process where two different types of painful vertebrae gets joined together into single solid bone. In this procedure, the main aim is to eliminate any type of motion that is present between the vertebrae. Laminectomy is suggested for leg pain. On completion of the procedure, some pain could be experienced that is quite natural during healing. But complete healing will take about few months. 

Those seeking safe and proper spinal surgical remedy can contact the best surgeons like Dr B Mohapatra.

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